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„With my skills, I contribute to the stability of the financial system.“

Ulviyya Ibrahimli, mathematician


„With my skills, I contribute to the stability of the financial system.“

Ulviyya Ibrahimli, mathematician

As a Mathematician to d-fine

As part of my Bachelor's degree in mathematics at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, I spent a semester abroad in Vienna. I then did my Master's degree at the Technical University of Dortmund. Internships and work-study activities led me from the Max Planck Institute to working in the insurance sector as a d-fine consultant.

I became aware of d-fine through a university careers fair. I was immediately inspired by what I learned, hearing about d-fine’s analytical focus, following a scientific approach similar to my academic experience.

My project focus - mathematical problem solving in highly complex banking processes

After joining, I worked on a variety of projects in trading systems, market risk, regulatory reporting, and database building at several banks. There are so many highly complex processes running in the background at banks – I find it exciting that I get to help shape these specific processes.

My mathematical skills help me to find correlations and recognize patterns in these processes in order to understand and effectively analyse the problem. As with mathematical problem solving, I typically start with a simple prototype and then systematically apply this approach to the overall problem.

My activities are very varied because individual solutions have to be found again and again, which are then refined and developer further. I enjoy working both professionally and technically and for this reason, I have specialized in trading systems implementation. d-fine design solutions for banks’ business models, implement them and also automate processes in existing trading systems.

What I particularly value – space and time for my further development

I particularly appreciate the fact that I can develop professionally and personally at d-fine. I have already attended many training courses as part of the d-fine Academy, which supplement my daily project work and often provide a valuable change of pace and topic.

In addition, I am studying an MBA at Mannheim Business School, generously sponsored and supported by d-fine. Here, I learn completely different content than in my mathematics studies, which I can apply in my project work.

„With my skills, risks become calculable.“

Hannes Coners, physicist


„With my skills, risks become calculable.“

Hannes Coners, physicist

As a physicist to d-fine

I studied physics in Göttingen and Stockholm. My interests here were in theoretical physics, more specifically quantum mechanics and statistical physics. I have always been attracted to what has depth due to its complexity.

After my studies, I wanted to broaden my horizons and sought new and varied challenges. I was already interested in socio-economic systems and wanted to apply what I had learned in my studies in practice.

Although I am now less involved with the topics from my studies, I was able to pick up a few approaches that are in great demand when it comes to our customers' questions. Even though I already have some projects behind me, I am still learning and dealing with new topics. My application to d-fine was the right decision.

My project focus – risk and financial controlling

My first assignment was on a Merger & Acquisition project, where parts of the bank had to be sold to ensure its continued existence. Here I saw how important a solid overall bank controlling is and decided to specialize in risk and financial controlling of large institutions.

Through my projects, I help our clients establish a solid business model. We achieve this by identifying risk factors and room for maneuver and by making risks and performance indicators quantitatively controllable. In addition to evaluating data and developing concepts, communication within the project team and with our clients in general is an important part of my work.

What I particularly value – The meaning of our work

For our social system and our economy, we need a functioning and crisis-proof financial sector. Especially in the coming decades, crises will increase in the course of global change and make major structural transformation processes necessary. In order to provide the necessary investments and at the same time be able to react to risks at short notice, the demands on the methodology of overall bank management will continue to increase.

I very much appreciate the cooperative environment and the collaboration in the team, and I find meaning in our work, as we contribute to making our banking system more secure and further equip it for the tasks ahead.

Regardless of what your background is or how others may view you, at d-fine you are valued for your individual contribution to the same extent as all of us. This was important to me when I decided to join d-fine, and it remains so.

„Through my skills, Big Data can do big things.“

Kathleen Pietruska, computer scientist


„Through my skills, Big Data can do big things.“

Kathleen Pietruska, computer scientist

As a computer scientist to d-fine

I completed both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in computer science at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. My focus was on algorithms and data structures as well as theoretical computer science. After a short diversion via an apprenticeship as an air traffic controller, I finally decided to enter the field of management consulting. What fascinated me most about d-fine was the teamwork and the holistic supervision of a wide variety of projects - from conception to implementation.

My project focus – data-based problem solutions in the field of mobility and transport

After joining d-fine, I worked on various projects in finance, including treasury and risk management, for an automotive manufacturer and a bank, among others. In doing so, my technical strength in data modelling and analysis was always encouraged. However, due to my background in aviation, I had a particular interest in mobility and transport projects, which is why I soon focused on projects in this area. I had the opportunity to help analyse the volume of e-scooters in a major German city, optimise processes at a shipping service provider and provide various AI services at a railway company. It never gets boring. I find it particularly exciting that we don't sell standardised products, but rather identify individual requirements in meetings with various stakeholders and thus find customised solutions to existing problems.

What I particularly appreciate – the great togetherness in which colleagues become friends

In my projects, I have already had the opportunity to get to know many colleagues. I think it's great that we all pull together and that there is no elbow mentality. We are all on a similar (quantitative, technological and analytical) wavelength and, on top of that, everyone brings in one or two additional perspectives. As a result, problem solving is not only extremely goal-oriented, but also always fun. d-fine additionally promotes this cohesion through regular events, where we gain an insight into the topics of the other colleagues and can collect common experiences as a team.

„With my skills, I help to keep our power grid stable in the future.“

Mohamed Ghanmi, engineer


„With my skills, I help to keep our power grid stable in the future.“

Mohamed Ghanmi, engineer

As an engineer at d-fine

I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in electrical engineering and information technology with a focus on data technology at TU Darmstadt. During my studies, I was able to gain insights into both research and industry through internships and student jobs. These experiences have led me from the start-up scene to international companies in the automotive industry and IT consulting.

I became aware of d-fine through the Deutschlandstipendium. "Analytical. technological. quantitative" - the d-fine DNA with its clear analytical focus and cooperative corporate culture appealed to me personally.

My project focus – digitalisation in the energy industry

After joining the company, I worked on a variety of projects in the areas of energy system modelling, audit, risk & portfolio management and database development for several transmission system operators in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The transition to sustainable energy supply through renewable energies to improve climate protection - also called energy transition - poses considerable challenges to the energy sector.

In energy management systems, mathematical optimisation plays a central role, which makes careful data analysis of great importance. My background in electrical engineering and information technology helps me to analyse the data of such systems, to gain valuable insights from complex processes and to create value from them.

In addition to the technical side, I also enjoy designing and implementing customised technical solutions for clients using innovative technologies. Each solution is individual and requires the use of different technologies and cooperation with different areas.

What I value most – growth through geographic expansion and investment in innovative ideas

What I appreciate about d-fine is its constant focus on innovation and growth. Already in the past year, d-fine has increased its presence in Europe by opening three new offices in Milan, Stockholm and Utrecht. In addition, our "e.lab" initiative allows us to look beyond our day-to-day business to interesting topics and develop new ideas. In doing so, we are leveraging our d-fine DNA to address analytical challenges and use modern technologies that can enhance our offering to clients.

I also really appreciate that employees are encouraged to actively participate in the growth and development of the company. This makes me feel like I am making a valuable contribution and improving my skills.

5 reasons for d-fine

1500 clever minds from 30 nations – one common language Our project methodology – analytical, technological, quantitative We are climate-neutral – science-based and sustainable Stay flexible – consulting regionally or internationally Diversity and equal opportunities – measurable by D=1

1500 clever minds from 30 nations – one common language


The scientific, technical or mathematical degrees of our workforce mean that our teams speak a common language and approach tasks in the same way.

Case studies

Slide #1


  • A d-fine team works with the asset manager's experts to develop the new application based on cloud-native technologies and modern platform and software architecture.

  • The joint team uses an agile approach to development in order to respond quickly and consistently to unexpected situations and complications during the project.

  • The rigorous quality assurance of the new platform is demonstrated by a multi-stage CICD process with well-defined quality gates and a high degree of automation.

Slide #2


  • The newly developed energy system model allows consistent planning of the power grid with coupled energy sectors.

  • Our circuit optimization tool ensures that the power grid remains stable even with many simultaneous construction activities.

  • The integrated data budget enables new insights from data analysis. 

  • The hybrid IT architecture links the cloud-based platform with servers on-premise. 

  • The key factor for project success is our combination of energy industry expertise and professional IT know-how.

Slide #3


  • We developed a traffic simulation as the basis for the tool.

  • Different data, such as track infrastructure data and real-time information, were processed into ETL processes.

  • The tool's decision-making is based on reinforcement learning, for which we developed corresponding agents, states, rewards, and actions.

  • In regular exchange formats with the dispatchers, further features of the tool were jointly developed and implemented in a later step.

Slide #4


  • As a basis for optimizing drug storage and supply, heterogeneous internal data was linked with publicly available data using Natural Language Processing.

  • Based on identified locations and quantities, a robust framework that is meaningful even with limited data was developed and used to calculate alternatives for an optimized scheme. 

  • Compared to the existing distribution solution, cost savings could be proposed that would enable the HIV treatment of 25,000 additional patients per year.

Slide #5


  • Develop an interactive project map describing regional hydrogen market activities.

  • Recording of infrastructure requirements based on a questionnaire and individual interviews with partner companies.

  • Estimation of site-specific hydrogen demand under different ramp-up scenarios, visualization in an interactive heat map for the years 2030, 2035, 2040.

  • Definition of selection criteria and identification of suitable locations for the development of a sustainable hydrogen filling station infrastructure.

Slide #6


  • As the cornerstone of the solution, d-fine supported the design of the adaptation of the risk control procedures and the business and IT architecture.

  • A suitable system was selected, adapted to map market risks and present-value and income-value interest rate risks, and integrated into the IT landscape via a newly developed data warehouse. 

  • The success factor was the integration of methods and processes into the customer's IT landscape. This was done in close and agile cooperation between business and IT areas, system vendor and d-fine.

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