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Imprint of d-fine GmbH


d-fine GmbH
An der Hauptwache 7
D-60313 Frankfurt

Tel: +49 69 90737-0
Fax: +49 69 90737-200


E-Mail: info[at]

Commercial register

Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main
Nr. HRB 48 103
Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnr. DE 813 483 155
Registered office: Frankfurt


Dr. Matthias Aicher, Dr. Florian Baumann, Christoph Belafi, Dr. Christoph Bennemann, Dr. Eike Bick, Dr. Oliver Bohr, Dr. Jonas Bräuer, Dr. Christoph Burmester, Dr. Ashot Davtyan, Todor Dobrikov, Dr. Arndt Dombert, Dr. Uwe Dörr, Dr. Andreas Geyer, Dr. Robert Görke, Dr. Ferdinand Graf, Dr. Oliver Hein, Dr. Stefan Heinrichs, Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz, Dr. Christian Hörhammer, Dr. Arnd Hübsch, Dr. Sascha Hügle, Dr. Tilman Huhne, Ulf Henning Jacobs, Dr. Jan Jureit, Dr. Oliver Kayser-Herold, Dr. Andreas Keese, Dr. Jochen Kienert, Dr. Henriette Kröner, Dr. Florian Merz, Dr. Jochen Meyer, Dr. Karsten Meyer, Dr. Mathias Michel, Dr. Cornelius Mund, Dr. Christian Oehler, Dr. Ari Pankiewicz, Wolfgang Pleyer, Torsten Radtke, Dr. Jörn Rank, Dr. Christian Romeike, Alexander Schalk, Dr. Egbert Schark, Dr. Christoph Schneggenburger, Dr. Sven Schulz, Nadja Schuster, Dr. Markus Seifert, Dr. Thorsten Sickenberger, Ewald Sinkevicius, Dr. Constantin Sobiella, Artur Steiner, Dr. Roland Uhlig, Markus von Rothkirch, Dr. Hans-Peter Wächter, Dr. Andreas Werner, Dr. Magnus Wobben

Disclaimer: d-fine GmbH is not responsible for the content of external websites linked to our own site.

Conception, design, programming

Visionaere GmbH
Rheinstraße 10
12159 Berlin

Company data of d-fine s.r.l. (Italy)

Operational Headquarters

d-fine s.r.l. con socio unico
Via Giuseppe Mengoni 4
I - 20121 Milano (MI)

T: +39 02 3031 5124


E-Mail: milano[at]


Registered Office

Via Generale Gustavo Fara 26
I - 20124 Milano

REA n. MI - 2679394
Registro Imprese 12698500969
Codice Fiscale - P.IVA 12698500969
Capitale sociale € 10.000
Pec: d-fine[at]


Disclaimer: d-fine s.r.l. is not responsible for the content of external websites linked to our own site.

Company data of d-fine B.V. (Netherlands)


d-fine B.V.
Stadsplateau 7
3521AZ Utrecht

KvK-nummer: 89142934

BTW-Identificatienummer: NL864891659B01

E-Mail: info[at]