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Nadja Schuster


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Public forecasts, impact studies & departmental research Lean processes and effective compliance management for future-proof administration IT & digitization of public administration Public budgeting, finance & municipal accounting

Public forecasts, impact studies & departmental research

Impact studies and reliable forecasts are not only the basis for compiling convincing decision-making documents, they also facilitate targeted management measures.

The availability of data increases public expectations in terms of the quality of forecasts and impact studies. Increasing challenges as a result of the ever-growing interconnectedness and complexity of markets lead to a rise in the significance of corresponding analyses: for the labour market, for fiscal policy decisions, for urban and spatial development and for the health care system, within the context of demographic change, etc.

With d-fine, you have a partner who, in addition to boasting broad expertise in the relevant economic contexts, is also an expert in the entire range of data modelling instruments, in particular - from the latest AI methods to big data technologies and traditional statistical methods.