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Digital innovation gives rise to new business models and efficient processes

Dr. Robert Görke


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Predictive Analytics & AI

Technological progress is helping medicine to achieve new levels of excellence every day. In pharmaceutical production, in the laboratory and in healthcare, predictive analytics enables qualitative, strategic and monetary benefit in the value chain. 

d-fine supports its customers in the design and implementation of predictive patient management in hospitals, predictive maintenance, equipment optimisation and quality assurance using image recognition technology in pharmaceutical production and laboratory automation. Modern methods for traceability and quality assurance of the algorithms, i.e. Explainable AI (xAI) and AI Quality Frameworks, are already taken into account in the design.

During implementation, we accompany our customers throughout the entire life cycle of an application: By means of use case prioritisation, proof of concept, prototyping and agile development including MLOps, we maximise the benefit of the product and reduce the development risk for our customers.

Case studies

Implementing an automated planning platform for the OR management of a large German acute care clinic
Developing a digital ‘wizard’ for discharge management at a large German acute care clinic
AI-based real-time inspection processes at a medical technology manufacturing company
The supply chain network of an international healthcare organization climbs the maturity scale
Shaping Industry Standards and Best Practices in AI and ML Governance in GxP regulated pharma
Genome analytics for a pharmaceutical R&D organization
Information intelligence platforms for MedTech companies and contract research organizations
Conceptualisation and implementation of CSRD-compliant sustainability strategies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector
Design and implementation of an application platform for billing and financial services in the health sector
Increasing the level of digital maturity in the German health system



ISO 20022 in corporate payment transactions

Opportunities and relevance for companies

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Predictive Analytics

View your data: Patient conditions are predictable, surgery times are more predictable than standard catalogs suggest, and you can tell if a case is…

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