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Strategy & Governance
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Strategy & Governance

For us, issues concerning strategy development and governance go beyond pure design - we make a direct contribution to implementation. We are not afraid of going into depth, but at the same time do not lose sight of the big picture, by taking market trends into consideration whilst still being prepared to “swim against the tide.”



Banking & Capital Markets Insurance & Asset Management Chemicals, Energy & Manufacturing Pharma & Healthcare Mobility & Transportation Public Sector Innovation Lab

Banking & Capital Markets

Your established partner

d-fine has many years’ extensive experience of consulting for banks, stock exchanges and other financial market bodies across all business sectors. Our expertise ranges from capital market and corporate client businesses through to private banking. We support our clients throughout the entire process chain.

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Impact of the New CVA Risk Capital Charge - Including final targeted revisions from July 2020

This paper highlights the key differences between the current and future calculation approaches for the regulatory CVA risk capital charge. Our sample…

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Urban Air Mobility: Optimised infrastructure and fleet sizes for the third dimension

A data-driven approach to determine optimal skyport locations and fleet sizes for urban air mobility services.

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Climate risks in the own risk and solvency assessment. A sensible approach to integration into strategic management

How can the risk horizon of climate developments, which span several decades, be harmonised with the management horizon of insurance and reinsurance…

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