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Water simulation on quantum computers

d-fine wins further DLR contract in cooperation with MQS and planqc

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) has selected d-fine, in cooperation with Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS) and planqc, to jointly advance the development of algorithms for atomistic simulations in the field of statics and dynamics of water and hydrogen in the "QuantiCoM H2Q" project.

With its QuantiCoM (Quantum Computing for Materials Science and Engineering) project, DLR is pursuing the goal of pushing the development of advanced methods using quantum computers for materials science, materials engineering and industry in order to enable faster materials development in the future. The sub-project "QuantiCoM H2Q" includes the development of algorithms for atomistic simulations in the field of statics and dynamics of water and hydrogen, based on classical calculations aiming at optimisation for quantum hardware.

The DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (DLR QCI) involves start-ups, industry and research to jointly develop quantum computers, software and applications and the necessary enabling technologies.

DLR's selection is a confirmation of the joint activities and successes in the field of quantum computing of the cooperation between d-fine, MQS and planqc.

Further information can be found on the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative website and in our current press release, available for download above.

For d-fine, the QuantiCoM H2Q project represents the second project awarded by DLR. Read our press release from the 27th of September 2023: "Improving climate models using quantum machine learning"