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Through my skills, Big Data can do big things.

As a computer scientist to d-fine

I completed both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in computer science at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. My focus was on algorithms and data structures as well as theoretical computer science. After a short diversion via an apprenticeship as an air traffic controller, I finally decided to enter the field of management consulting. What fascinated me most about d-fine was the teamwork and the holistic supervision of a wide variety of projects - from conception to implementation.

My project focus – data-based problem solutions in the field of mobility and transport

After joining d-fine, I worked on various projects in finance, including treasury and risk management, for an automotive manufacturer and a bank, among others. In doing so, my technical strength in data modelling and analysis was always encouraged. However, due to my background in aviation, I had a particular interest in mobility and transport projects, which is why I soon focused on projects in this area. I had the opportunity to help analyse the volume of e-scooters in a major German city, optimise processes at a shipping service provider and provide various AI services at a railway company. It never gets boring. I find it particularly exciting that we don't sell standardised products, but rather identify individual requirements in meetings with various stakeholders and thus find customised solutions to existing problems.

What I particularly appreciate – the great togetherness in which colleagues become friends

In my projects, I have already had the opportunity to get to know many colleagues. I think it's great that we all pull together and that there is no elbow mentality. We are all on a similar (quantitative, technological and analytical) wavelength and, on top of that, everyone brings in one or two additional perspectives. As a result, problem solving is not only extremely goal-oriented, but also always fun. d-fine additionally promotes this cohesion through regular events, where we gain an insight into the topics of the other colleagues and can collect common experiences as a team.