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With my skills, risks become calculable.

As a physicist to d-fine

I studied physics in Göttingen and Stockholm. My interests here were in theoretical physics, more specifically quantum mechanics and statistical physics. I have always been attracted to what has depth due to its complexity.

After my studies, I wanted to broaden my horizons and sought new and varied challenges. I was already interested in socio-economic systems and wanted to apply what I had learned in my studies in practice.

Although I am now less involved with the topics from my studies, I was able to pick up a few approaches that are in great demand when it comes to our customers' questions. Even though I already have some projects behind me, I am still learning and dealing with new topics. My application to d-fine was the right decision.

My project focus – risk and financial controlling

My first assignment was on a Merger & Acquisition project, where parts of the bank had to be sold to ensure its continued existence. Here I saw how important a solid overall bank controlling is and decided to specialize in risk and financial controlling of large institutions.

Through my projects, I help our clients establish a solid business model. We achieve this by identifying risk factors and room for maneuver and by making risks and performance indicators quantitatively controllable. In addition to evaluating data and developing concepts, communication within the project team and with our clients in general is an important part of my work.

What I particularly value – The meaning of our work

For our social system and our economy, we need a functioning and crisis-proof financial sector. Especially in the coming decades, crises will increase in the course of global change and make major structural transformation processes necessary. In order to provide the necessary investments and at the same time be able to react to risks at short notice, the demands on the methodology of overall bank management will continue to increase.

I very much appreciate the cooperative environment and the collaboration in the team, and I find meaning in our work, as we contribute to making our banking system more secure and further equip it for the tasks ahead.

Regardless of what your background is or how others may view you, at d-fine you are valued for your individual contribution to the same extent as all of us. This was important to me when I decided to join d-fine, and it remains so.