Open source IoT data pipelines

Digitalising shop floor operations promises improved understanding of processes, shortened process times, reduced wastage, and cost savings. Yet, deploying the required digital systems requires expertise in system administration, software development and data analytics.

d-fine IoT platform d-scover@

In our projects we accompany manufacturing clients through their digital journeys and help to deploy reliable IoT solutions that create valuable improvements. To speed things up, avoid lengthy vendor selection processes and ensure a steep learning curve right from the start we bring along flexible, modular open-source tools: The d-fine IoT platform d-scover@ is in active use at manufacturing clients and in research collaborations. We are releasing it under a permissive open-source license, so that businesses, institutions, or individuals can boost their IIoT projects, taking advantage of the experience we have accumulated over the years.

In this paper we explain the reasoning behind d-scover@, share best practices for most valuable IIoT use cases and provide some insight into challenges that projects will meet and how to address them.