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Open source IoT data pipelines


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Dr. Tassilo Christ

Tel +49 162 26 30 118

Digitalising the shop floor improves manufacturing processes, reduces wastage, and saves cost. Yet, deploying an IoT solution is a complex task. – Learn here how the d-fine IoT-platform d-scover@ helps you to avoid pitfalls and boosts your digital shop floor projects!

Doing, not debating  

To speed up the digital journey of our manufacturing clients and to create valuable improvements quickly we have developed a flexible, modular IoT platform. d-scover@ is released under a permissive open-source license, so that businesses, institutions, or individuals can boost their IIoT projects. It is in active use at manufacturing clients and in research collaborations.

In this paper we explain the reasoning behind d-scover@, share best practices for most valuable IIoT use cases and provide some insight into the challenges digitalisation projects will meet and how to address them.