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A novel approach for B2B data exchange

In the light of the digital transformation more and more data is  generated. This data can oftentimes create value not only for the company generating it, but also for other companies along the value chain or even third parties. Thus, companies - also from traditional industries - are analysing how to make routine data exchanges more efficient and how to leverage the exchange of data for new business models. Business to business (B2B) data exchange poses several challenges that traditional exchange approaches, both direct bilateral (1:1) and company-centred (1:n), typically do not address directly. Recently, however, multilateral (m:n) approaches such as data marketplaces or industry networks like Catena-X or Evonik’s PLF program emerged which tackle these challenges and create synergies for B2B data exchange.

Find out more about novel approaches for B2B data exchange in our current whitepaper.