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Trading & Sales

Our unique selling proposition is our ability to cover a broad range of topics whilst at the same time offering in-depth, detailed knowledge of products, processes, methods, and models. We can support you in analysing the impact of regulatory changes as well as in designing and validating your quantitative models for pricing and xVA. We review your trading architecture and operating model and support you in introducing or upgrading your trading and limit systems. We orchestrate your processes and digitize your customer interface.



Internal risk models for credit and market risk
Modern system solutions in trading, risk and transactions - designed, validated and in production
Large-scale data processing for financial supervision purposes
Support in developing the first blockchain bank account
Complete modernisation of the reporting infrastructure for CoRep, FinRep and statistics
Providing guidance for acquisition and integration

Digital Finance

"The future of finance is digital."

(Valdis Dombrovskis)

In the financial sector, digital transformation is one of the central trend topics of the coming years. The EU Commission is also ushering in a new digital era in financial regulation with numerous initiatives in the area of "digital finance".

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Blockchain case studies

Financial market infrastructure SSD prototype Trade finance prototype Ethereum derivatives trading prototype

Financial market infrastructure

Blockchain proof of concept for financial market infrastructure

Development of a Proof of Concept with Smart Contracts in Ethereum and Hyperledger.

d-fine developed and evaluated different business cases for using Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in the context of financial market infrastructure: for Real Time Gross Settlement Systems and issuance of securities. With our client, we developed the prototypes end-to-end, from the user interface to the smart contracts and infrastructure setup.


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Prudent Valuation (AVAs) in COVID-19 crisis

Since inception, the pro-cyclical nature of AVAs was pointed out by practitioners: In particular, in times of severe market stress, the 90%-quantile…

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FRTB 2.0: The New Market Risk Framework

FRTB 2.0: The New Market Risk Framework – How much is in the CRR 2?

In January 2019, the BCBS published the final paper on the Fundamental Review of…

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Blockchain and digital assets in 2019

d-fine supports blockchain-related projects for large and small clients since several years. Working in agile and joint teams, d-fine helps their…

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Bilateral OTC Derivatives

Calculation and Exchange of Initial Margins for Bilateral OTC Derivatives

The detailed regulatory requirements for the collateralisation of bilateral…

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FRTB Reloaded: New Consultation Paper

The Basel Committee (BCBS) published the new standards “Minimum capital require-ments for market risk” on 14 January 2016. On 22 March 2018, BCBS…

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