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Welcome to d-fine

What we offer you

Contact details
d-fine Recruiting Team
+44 20 7776 1000



Company pension fund

If you join d-fine’s company pension scheme, we will match your contributions up to 9% of your base salary.


We hold our d-fine conventions three times a year. There you can gain insights into new topics and projects through a variety of lectures. There will also be time for networking. The summer convention takes place somewhere in Europe every two years. The focus is on free time and relaxation.

Private medical insurance

In our private medical insurance plan, we will pay the insurance premiums for you, your spouse and children under 21.

Salary and bonuses

We offer an attractive starting salary with excellent professional development opportunities. In addition to your basic salary, you will receive a bonus every year once you have reached a certain level of your career.


You will be supported by an experienced mentor on your career path at d-fine. Your mentor will help with your continued professional development and provide valuable assistance when it comes to the big and small questions of everyday life as a consultant.


To achieve a work-life balance, we offer a sabbatical model.


Besides project work, there are many opportunities to take part in communal activities. Colleagues regularly get together to explore the project location after work, for example, to swap stories in the pub, partake in theme nights or to play as a team in a football tournament.

Accident insurance

We provide worldwide accident insurance paid for by the company that covers both your professional and your private life. In the event of death, the policy benefit includes a payment of 5 times your current annual salary, and 10 times your current annual salary for disability.

Framework In-house training programmes External training programmes Expert conferences


Whichever training you decide to undertake – at d-fine, you will not need to be out of pocket at all. We will take on all the organisation, pay all your course fees plus any travel and accommodation costs. We will release you for training days during the week on full pay.

Note: The benefits listed may vary depending on the position and location.