Welcome to d-fine UK

d-fine is an IT, risk management and financial consultancy with over 700 consultants across Europe. In 2005 we established our London office in the heart of the City to deliver quantitative, technical and technological excellence to all our clients in the UK and Ireland.


We have since delivered successful projects covering:

  • Front, middle and back office systems supporting any trading platform  
  • Risk management and risk/return optimisation
  • Asset and liability management, portfolio management and capital allocation
  • Corporate treasury
  • Management of commodity, energy, and foreign exchange risks for industrial corporations


Our highly skilled consultants and alliances with leading software providers and global professional services firms enable us to deliver solutions tailor made to your organisation’s needs.


Our clients - banks, insurance companies, asset managers and industrial corporations - face financial markets which grow in complexity by the day. With regulatory demands changing on a scale and speed unthinkable just a few years ago, customers becoming ever more demanding and competition ever more intense, margins are being put under increasing pressure. This results in decreasing earnings for businesses that do not keep up with the pace of change. 


Success requires a renewed focus on the suitability of innovative financial products, efficient processes, high performance IT systems, the use of sophisticated mathematical models to quantify market and credit risk and optimisation of risk / return ratios.


Our consultants stem from analytical backgrounds which, complemented by intensive training and experience, enables us to deliver successful projects to all our clients:

  • On any desired level of technical, mathematical or technological detail
  • In all phases of a project from initial analysis and planning, conceptual design, IT implementation and testing, data migration, to production support and legacy system retirement




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