Do you have a Masters or PhD degree? Is it in Physics, Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Computer Science or any other related quantitative science? Are you interested in Finance? Then d-fine could be your future.

How to apply

Current employment opportunities: d-fine Job Board

On the technical side, an applicant is expected to be familiar with at least one of the following subjects: mathematical statistics, numerical analysis, simulation techniques (e.g. Monte Carlo), optimisation methods (e.g. simulated annealing), and financial mathematical modelling. Beyond that we are looking for individuals who work well in a team and who are able to communicate effectively both with their peers and senior employees of d-fine, as well as with our clients. Work experience in trading, treasury or risk management may be an additional advantage.

Only apply if you are:

  • Educated at minimum to a Masters level in a subject with a high mathematical content and with excellent grades
  • Possess significant IT knowledge coupled with programming experience
  • Proficient in English

Click on the link above to start your application process. Please note that you need to submit your CV with the d-fine application form as well as a cover letter explaining why you would like to work for d-fine Ltd.

For further information you can call us on +44 (0) 20 7776 1000 or email

What it is like to work for d-fine

Capitalise on the skills and extensive experience of one of the leading risk management consulting firms in Europe, specialising in strategic quantitative and technical problems. You will get to work on a wide array of challenging technical and quantitative problems within a variety of different teams, delivering concrete solutions for a diverse range of clients across Europe. A selection of our clients and postings to date can be seen in our list of references.

You will find that at d-fine you may assume real responsibility for work from the very start. What’s more, your role will continue to evolve throughout your career.

You will begin as a Consultant working on demanding and detailed tasks, before progressing to Senior Consultant, when you will have the chance to lead a project team as a recognised expert for complex issues. Finally, at the level of Manager and Partner you become increasingly responsible for management and strategic matters for the firm as a whole.

To find out more about your careers steps and the respective responsibilities click here.

You will be involved in a range of projects, where you will manage a variety of challenges: From small projects, in which two or three consultants work closely with the client's own specialists to solve specific problems within a limited time frame, through to major projects where ten or more members of a project team might spend one or two years establishing complex infrastructures for clients whose operations span the globe.

Besides the broad range of business and technical issues that have to be tackled, our employees are expected to work with client contacts from a range of fields and cultures, as well as help organise and manage large project teams. Whether you are helping an industrial company to set up a global treasury system, or advising a financial services provider on how best to adapt its rating procedure to meet regulatory requirements, over time you will build up a unique wealth of experience. Indeed, the wide range of skills you will develop, covering technical issues, project management methods and business professionalism, would otherwise be very difficult to acquire in such a short space of time.

What are the benefits of working for d-fine

As a consultant in finance, you will receive the usual benefits:

  • Highly competitive London City salary
  • Bonus which depends on the company’s and your own personal performance (as of a specified position-level)
  • Matched contributions to company’s pension scheme up to 9%
  • Private medical care
  • All travel reimbursed both to client sites and d-fine offices, with daily subsistence allowances

d-fine goes one step further and also offers the following additional benefits.

d-fine puts great emphasis on personal as well as professional development. We offer extensive internal training to develop your skills, both technical and soft, throughout your career. On top of this you will also have the opportunity to take part in one of our prestigious external training programmes with all costs covered by d-fine:

  • You can take a part-time master's course in Financial Mathematics at Oxford University, which leads to an MSc at the end of two years.
  • Or you might want to consider the internationally very highly respected CFA programme and thus become a Chartered Financial Analyst, including subsequent CFA certification.
  • Or, once you have gathered more professional experience in general management, you might wish to follow an Executive MBA programme at selected business schools such as the Mannheim Business School or the European Business School.


  • d-fine values work-life balance so offers extensive annual leave starting with 25 days, increasing up to 30 days.
  • Three times a year we hold d-fine conventions in European cities where we exchange project experience and cutting edge technical knowledge, whilst networking with colleagues across the whole of d-fine and also socialising (and dancing) until the early hours.
Our Team

Our staff often say that the best thing about working at d-fine is the colleagues. You can look forward to working within a community of highly talented and motivated colleagues who are genuinely friendly and down to earth, whether senior or junior. You will find colleagues who speak your language and share your analytical approach to problems. They are always open to new ideas so even as you make the first steps in your career there are opportunities for you to have a say and take on responsibility.

In addition to outstanding analytical abilities, we place great importance on social skills. Our philosophy is based on teamwork not rivalry, an approach that is reflected in our project structures, staff development and incentive schemes.

Besides the project work with the client or in the office, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy social activities outside of work.