ETRM and CTRM systems

The change in the energy and commodity markets comes with risks, but also offers opportunities for a competitive edge

Your company trades actively in energy and commodity markets and uses them to procure industrial supplies or sell its own products. The further increasing volatility of these markets, coupled with greater competitive pressure, results in growing risks for your company too.

By contrast, however, there are also opportunities that can be converted into a competitive edge by using the tools available in the market in a flexible way and controlling the own market position in a dynamic and target-driven manner on the basis of up-to-date information.

Your process and IT infrastructure is the key to your success in the market

A highly efficient process chain, largely automated thanks to the use of tailored IT systems, will secure an often crucial edge in the market - from provision of the essential market and position data to the trading decision right through to completion and front-to-end processing of your transactions.

In addition, your processes and systems need to be able to make new markets and tools available quickly as required and to provide flexible support for adjustments to your trading strategies and processes at all times.

Opt for a contemporary, needs- and cost-optimised E(C)TRM system

What is required are IT solutions that offer optimal support for your physical and financial energy and commodity trading with all follow-on processes, such as risk management (energy / commodity trading and risk management, ETRM / CTRM). This includes automated front-to-back settlement of your business transactions, removing the need for time-wasting manual reconciliation. Individual position, limit and risk reports will enable you to constantly monitor and manage your risk exposure in real time. At the same time, you benefit from a flexible solution architecture that can be tailored to your specific business processes and integrated into your existing IT systems.

d-fine is your professional, manufacturer-independent partner for all phases of your implementation

Our experts can help you choose the best E(C)TRM solution available to suit your requirements or we can design customised solutions for subprocesses based on strict cost/benefit criteria, independently of system manfacturer.

Are you looking for a competent integration partner for your selected E(C)TRM system such as OpenLink Endur, Allegro or Murex MX.3 or a release upgrade? - We support you in every area - from planning and specialist requirements assessment to design, system specification, test and data migration through to going live:


  • Analysis of your IT infrastructure and identification of redundancies in systems and interfaces
  • Analysis of your business processes as regards their system-end mapping and design of a target image for your IT infrastructure
  • Prototyping for selected processes and transaction types in the new E(C)TRM system
  • Development of technical concepts for clear and visible description of your specialist needs for procedures and business processes
  • Development and quality assurance of IT specifications to provide a precise picture of the technical implementation of your IT systems
  • Support for implementing the IT specification
  • Development and quality assurance of test design, test documentation and acceptance record
    Carrying out and supporting developer, system and acceptance tests
  • Design and execution of migration of market and business data from legacy systems
  • Technical support for going live
  • Employee training sessions, workshops and post-going live support


Benefit from our comprehensive expertise and many years of successful practice in the introduction of trading and risk management systems - in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and in banks. Work with us to plan and implement your systems, based on classical project approaches or contemporary, highly agile methods such as SCRUM.