Corporate IT

Selecting and implementing appropriate IT systems for your finance division

We are currently seeing an increasing trend towards convergence in the financial management systems of industrial firms. As a result of intense pressure on costs and demands for ever more transparency, there is now a much greater focus on the integration of financial controlling and planning, treasury and risk management, cash management, payments settlement, capital investment management and financial accounting. In response to this convergence, software manufacturers have developed treasury management systems. These include comprehensive system suites to facilitate the integration of different financial management tasks. For specific purposes such as payments, confirmation matching and trading platforms, there are also special systems that can either be operated as standalone solutions or linked to treasury management systems. More and more companies are also introducing tools and systems (ETRM systems) in their financial and purchasing divisions in response to changing procurement processes in the areas of energy and commodities.


d-fine can provide valuable support in the selection, implementation and ongoing development of these systems. As a one-stop provider, we cover the whole spectrum of consulting services - from design through to implementation; from market and bank data through to back-office integration and linking to your ERP; and from valuation and risk management models through to reporting. We can advise you on every aspect of your project:

  • Needs analysis and system selection.
  • Industry-specific and IT design.
  • System parametrisation.
  • System integration, incorporation into the overall system environment (treasury, cash management, back-office integration, general ledger and ERP systems, reporting).
  • System enhancement in terms of valuation (incorporating external valuation libraries), risk identification, product representation and reporting.
  • Test design and execution.
  • User training.
  • Production support.
  • Project management.