Decision making through consistent valuation of strategic options

Management face new challenges as a result of increasing complexity and uncertainty

The dynamic and continually changing nature of markets and corporate networks demands that strategic firm objectives are reviewed and realigned on a regular basis. The strategic options available here are frequently all too apparent - "make or buy"?


But which of these options will deliver the greatest value contribution to the firm and should therefore be adopted? In order to answer this question equal consideration must be given to the expected benefits or performance as well as to the impact on a firm's overall risk profile.


Strategic decision making using d-fineSDF

The d-fine Strategic Decision Framework (d-fineSDF) assists firms in valuing strategic options in a systematic and efficient manner on the basis of all relevant value and risk drivers, in prioritizing these options and ultimately in creating a consistent basis for decision making.


The design of the d-fineSDF concept is based on our consultancy practice over many years and can be applied to a range of decision making categories.


d-fineSDF can also help your firm in finding the answers to strategic issues. How? – Find out more here or contact us!