KPI systems

The methods adopted by a company to control its activities will depend on current market challenges or on the specific structural problems it faces. In all cases, quantitative control systems revolve around the issue of management. Analysing this issue requires transparency with regard to the actual situation and the relations between cause and effect. 

d-fine can help your management team's analytical processes by

  • Developing and defining a system of appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Explaining cause and effect relations using value driver trees. The lowest level of a value driver tree contains those indicators that are directly influenced by management decisions, while the top level is the key control indicator such as return (e.g. return on equity, RoE) or cost-efficiency (e.g. Cost Income Ratio, CIR).
  • Implementing the concept in business intelligence environments e.g. to provide monthly reports.

In this area, we can draw on years of industry experience that covers an extremely wide range of current methodologies and modelling systems, and has been gained from numerous control and management discussions.

We can also provide an assessment of suitability for implementation, both ad hoc and long term. Our expertise in this field is backed up by an in-depth knowledge of data and system landscapes acquired over the course of many implementation projects.