Function analysis & process costs

The intense competition faced by banks, insurers and asset managers leads to ever greater pressure on costs. Process optimisation can have a major impact on cost ratios. It is financial, risk and trading processes that drive much of a company's infrastructure and a significant proportion of its central personnel costs. 

d-fine has devised an effective three-tiered approach to reviewing cost structures. This involves

  • Describing the processes in terms of procedures and tasks (function analysis)
  • Ensuring transparency with regard to technical complexity and depth (model efficiency) 
  • Providing appropriate resources (cost efficiency)

This approach draws on the experience we have gained from our consulting practice, which covers the technical issues of model development as well as the implementation, for example, of trading systems, risk management systems and business intelligence solutions, as well as the creation of underlying processes. This allows us to formulate benchmarks, identify inefficiencies and highlight potential solutions.