Corporate Finance

Regardless of a company's precise objectives, all transactions present enormous challenges. Whether such transactions concern the acquisition or disposal of companies (or units thereof), individual portfolios, carve-outs, mergers or the repackaging of debt portfolios, they offer all those involved an opportunity to reposition themselves, expand or refocus on core competences. 


Typically, companies have to find answers to complex questions arising in very different areas while analysing and editing large volumes of data. In nearly all cases, this work has to be completed to very tight deadlines.  The success of a transaction is therefore always dependent on the efficiency of links between different areas as well as on business considerations.


d-fine has worked in partnership with many companies to support transactions that range from determining the purchase price to the integration process. Over the years, we have advised on the acquisition and disposal of domestic and international banks (universal, retail and private) on many occasions. This has led us to specialise in banks/financial service providers and their portfolios (especially credit portfolios).


Our corporate finance experts combine detailed business and accounting expertise with in-depth valuation and product knowledge. Despite our specialist focus, we retain a clear overview which allows us to work with our customers to produce fast and flexible solutions that are adapted to the specific situation.


Our portfolio of services covers the entire transaction process