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Risk due diligence for financing

As an enterprise and project financer, you expect predictable returns on your investments with the best possible stability. When it comes to external financing, the ability of your debtor to service its debts must be ensured at all times.

You will therefore require comprehensive operative risk management from your debtors and project companies in order to capture, monitor and effectively control significant risks along their entire value chain. This is the only way to stabilise operating results and cash flow and thus maintain solvency on a sustainable basis.

Nevertheless, significant risks and their management often remain opaque from the debtor’s perspective. In addition, the economic objectives of your organisation and those of the financed enterprises may be different and in many cases, the respective evaluation of opportunities and risks may also differ as a result.

Our experts will show you how  to conduct systematic checks of the risk profile and the associated risk management framework of your competitors within the framework of risk due diligence and identify major gaps. They will be able to trigger crucial improvements on this basis - and thereby minimise your risk of loss.

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Risk-oriented due diligence for enterprise and project financing