Corporate financial management / Treasury

New challenges in financial management

Those responsible for the financial management of industrial and retail companies face increasingly complex and wide-ranging challenges. This is due to factors at many different levels of every organisation:

  • Core business factors: international networking and globalisation have led to greater competition, uncertainty about the future market situation, the erosion of margins and an ever more rapid pace of change in the business environment. More than ever before, you need to have a thorough understanding of your company's core business in order to manage the corresponding financial issues effectively.
  • Financial market factors: the 'double crisis' involving the financial markets and sovereign debt has generated considerable volatility, even in markets long regarded as stable. In some cases, it has meant a tough paradigm shift in the way industries deal with financial risk.
  • Political factors: new regulatory and accounting stipulations have been introduced as a result of policies aimed at improving the quantitative and qualitative rules applying to the execution, valuation and settlement of financial transactions. These impact on you directly in the form of new requirements and indirectly in the way they affect relations with your banking partners. You therefore need to ensure that you are familiar with the new rules in different areas.
  • There is also growing pressure on financial management departments to work more efficiently and cost-effectively while at the same time incorporating all of the above requirements. That increases the expectations on you to cover the entire spectrum of issues with the smallest possible team. In short, you need to deal with a growing number of responsibilities within the organisation.

What support can you expect from us?

Professional advice can help you to deal effectively with the challenges facing your financial management team. We can provide innovative ideas and concrete proposals to help you manage a range of issues:

Controlling the financial risks in and for your company is our top priority. However, our experts are always aware that the money has to be earned in another area, so you can expect us to deliver highly practical and cost-effective solutions.