Accounting advisory

National and international accounting standards present a growing challenge to their users in the form of increasingly complex rules that are subject to ever more rapid change. You need a precise knowledge of the rules in order to be able to implement the corresponding accounting standards, although this on its own is by no means sufficient. You also need a thorough understanding of your products and business model as well as technical and methodological expertise to allow you to develop efficient and robust solutions.


It is vital that you have a strategic overview of your company's activities. In fact, it is not the accounting process that determines your success. The purpose of the accounts is to reflect and demonstrate that success. 


As a specialist in risk and finance, d-fine combines detailed valuation, accounting and business know-how and has established a proven track record as a highly regarded and independent consultant in the field of accounting, especially to banks and corporate treasuries. As well as advising you on general accounting issues and on the introduction and implementation of accounting standards, we specialise in accounting for financial instruments (e.g. methodology and valuation, impairment and hedge accounting) and transactions. We offer solutions for: