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Technological and market-related topics have been increasingly in the spotlight in the financial industry.


In this context, innovative technologies such as distributed ledger technology or new approaches in Big Data and Machine Learning have to be evaluated and incorporated into business processes.


On top of this, new competitors are entering the market, sometimes challenging existing financial service providers, sometimes looking for cooperation. FinTech is the term usually used in this context.


As a result incumbents are faced with a series of complex questions with respect to the impact on the business model, the possibility and practicability of integrating new technologies in established IT infrastructures and how to respond to changing market structures.


Providers are faced with a multitude of questions: What are the market’s trends and developments? Where can we cooperate with startups? What are the effects of specific technologies on the business model? Should the appropriate know-how be built up internally? How can projects be managed in an agile way within the current infrastructure?


We have developed d-fine next to help you address these questions. We will support you with the market analysis, the development of an innovation strategy, the choice and integration of appropriate business partners, internal development, and even the co-founding of a startup.


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At d-fine next, we have prepared a diversified portfolio of solutions that draws from d-fine’s core competencies and enables you to shape your future using new technologies and innovative approaches:




Blockchain technology promises to make business processes decentralized, automated, transparent and traceable, and thus more secure, faster and cost-efficient. Therefore, this technology has the potential to significantly change the roles in the financial industry.

Our service offerings include executive Blockchain training, ideation workshops for identifying viable use cases, planning of a technological roadmap through to implementation of a Blockchain proof-of-concept or production solution.

Our analysts used their hands-on experience with the blockchain technology to develop a “Blockchain Lab”, which allows us to quickly setup a fully functional private test-network.


FinTech meets Private Banking and Asset Management. Robo-Advisory changes the market for investment management, impacting banks and asset managers alike. In this context, individualization and automation are not conflicting but rather complementary ideas that create new market opportunities.

d-fine next offers a comprehensive service covering every step of the path up to the ready-to-use product. We can support you in all phases of research, in product development, and even the integration of an external startup. Our FinTech experts will help you shape a future-proof range of products, and our model-experts will make sure that the allocation model is truly state-of-the-art.

Consulting for startups

New providers in the financial industry have to deal with a diverse set of requirements which vary significantly depending on their business models.

For example, FinTech startups must manage a wide set of topics with a limited budget and resources, and within a short time-frame. Examples of these are regulatory requirements, specific financial know-how for risk measurement and business processes.

We have developed d-fine next so that startups can focus on their core business and competencies.

Corporate Banking

Current developments can be used to rethink products and services, placing more focus on the client’s needs and perspective, and to construct a coherent range of products through digitization, open platforms or new technologies such as distributed ledger technology or machine learning.

We will support you with the identification of the key influencing factors, the development of an adequate strategy and its implementation.


Regulation is a main cost driver in the financial services industry. Hence, efficiency gains through innovative solutions can have a large impact on the bottom line. Beyond cost savings new approaches can deliver more reliable and secure processes and even leverage synergies with business needs: Compliance data can be used to gain customer insights or support strategic decisions.

d-fine next supports you with the market analysis, assesses the possible costs and the impact on your processes and helps with the internal integration of 3rd party offerings.


The traditional insurance business is being challenged by a diverse set of factors, ranging from the low interest rates to the increasing digitization of customer support, internal processes and risk estimation. Be it product proposition, brokerage, underwriting, claims or actuarial domains, new technologies embrace innovation in all insurance core areas by developing e.g. digital contract management / brokerage, claims management as well as spot and usage driven insurance solutions.

Machine Learning

Increasing computing power and the explosion of available data allow the incorporation of learning algorithms in business processes, making it possible to uncover new relationships, automate processes, make informed predictions, and augment human access to information.

d-fine next supports you with the analysis of your current workflows and their optimization through the use of adequate software and learning algorithms. Our experienced data scientists and analysts will assist you with the implementation or the setup of robust data-governance processes.


Credit platforms for marketplace lending or peer-to-peer/crowd lending are among the pioneers of the FinTech industry. Connecting borrowers and investors directly without intermediaries opens up opportunities for occupying an increasing share of the credit market. Combining the huge pool of prospective customers with the advanced capabilities of machine learning technology allows you to unlock new and previously inaccessible market segments.


Digitalisation is the ability to leverage new technologies to offer innovative solutions and tailored services to customers.

Technological improvements in Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing allow the precise processing of huge amounts of data while operating dynamic, cost efficient infrastructures. Based on these innovations, it is possible to offer innovative and custom-tailored services, which previously caused prohibitive cost of operations.

d-fine’s deep understanding of modern technologies and finance know-how enables us to work with you using agile approaches, so that you get even faster results in addition to d-fine’s tradition of high quality and reliability. This allows us to successfully support our clients with time-critical digitalization projects.