The focus of our day-to-day project work is on devising solutions for our clients. We draw up and implement concepts and help to create the appropriate system landscape.

This frequently generates interesting documents and reports that might take the form of articles for specialist industry reviews or newspapersconference lectures

chapters on specific issues within a larger book or indeed an entire book . They might also be used for the lectures held by d-fine at various universities. 

The professional development courses run by d-fine together with the University of Oxford and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management also produced a number of widely respected research and academic papers.


You are welcome to view these publications.


If you are interested in any of the publications listed below, just send an informal request. We would be delighted to send you the article or report in question.


Further information on our publication Derivate und Interne Modelle - Modernes Risikomanagement (Dr Hans-Peter Deutsch / Dr Mark Beinker, published by Schäffer-Poeschel) can also be requested by e-mail.