Solvency II and risk management

Integrating Solvency II into your corporate management system

The second pillar of Solvency II contains a series of new requirements covering the design of management processes and risk management systems. In Germany, these have been partly anticipated in the form of MaRisk VA (German minimum requirements on risk management). Please arrange a discussion with us if you are keen to integrate Solvency II's governance system into your own corporate management infrastructure.

Own risk and solvency assessment

Own risk and solvency assessment lies at the heart of the second pillar and is closely related to the risk capacity assessment required by MaRisk VA. We can help you to develop your own economic risk models that effectively reflect the complexity of your company and your business. The next step in implementation involves linking these economic risk models to regulatory capital adequacy requirements, your own capital position and the ORSA process (which has to start with a risk inventory).

Risk and limit management

Limit systems underpin day-to-day risk management and must be based on the results of the company's own risk and solvency assessment. The challenge here is to develop systems that allow your company to genuinely manage risks and opportunities without merely establishing a bureaucratic process. Our consultants have the expertise to devise a solution that exactly meets your company's requirements.

Process design

The second pillar of Solvency II also contains wide-ranging stipulations on the design of processes and functions. We have amassed considerable testing experience in this area e.g. Solvency II-compliant monitoring of outsourcing and internal audit planning, and would be delighted to advise you.