Capital investment & product development

Gaining a competitive edge through innovation

Regulatory changes and the increasing integration of financial markets are forcing insurance companies to adopt new investment and product design strategies. The same trend also affects your 'suppliers' (e.g. banks and asset managers), who are also having to develop new services for the market. Whether you are an insurance company, a bank or an asset manager, you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge of asset classes and derivative financial instruments as well as our actuarial and regulatory expertise.

Capital investment

The new Solvency II rules particularly affect capital investment and can lead to problems. For the first time, individual product risks are used to determine your capital requirements, and the rules for hedging strategies have changed. We have helped numerous companies in the financial sector to develop appropriate strategies and to determine which services will be in demand in the future, how hedging strategies such as overlay management need to change and how specifically they need to design their financial products to make them attractive under Solvency II .

We have advised insurers on the use of derivatives and the strategic allocation of assets.


If these are areas of concern to you, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Product design

Insurers are striving to increase their market share by offering new products akin to capital investments. We are familiar with the particular features of these innovative products (e.g. variable annuities and CCPI) from our projects. As such, we are well placed to help you at every stage, from product design and hedging strategies through to the necessary IT infrastructure.

 Combining industry and IT expertise 

We are confident that we can demonstrate how our integrated approach to consulting leads to more efficient IT projects by bringing together industry and IT expertise. We can provide effective support across the board, especially for systems with a mathematical or regulatory background.

Standard systems

Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the most popular systems in use for actuarial calculations, risk management, reporting and process modelling, and can therefore provide direct support whenever you need it. Our project experience ranges from the introduction and extension of software through to support for upgrades.

Individual software

A company's requirements can sometimes be so specific that no one market solution is able to meet them. In such cases, a dedicated solution is called for, although this requires a huge amount of technical expertise and familiarity with the industry. Over the last few years, we have devised tailored solutions for many of our customers, from actuarial kernels through to web-based systems with a sophisticated hierarchy of user rights. 

IT architecture and project planning

When you decide to establish a new infrastructure, the first step (both in IT and genuine construction projects) is to design the architecture. This is a job for experts, such as those at d-fine, who are familiar with every aspect of modern IT systems and with industry-specific requirements. Once you have a draft architecture, you can move on to the project planning stage. At this point, we can place our own tried and tested project methodology (complete with estimating techniques) at your disposal.