Industrial and energy companies

Grasp business opportunities and manage risk prudently

We offer a wide range of services for industrial companies. Our wealth of experience both with larger SMEs and global players means that we are familiar with the particular challenges that you are facing.


The extreme price fluctuations on the financial, energy and commodity markets in the recent past exemplify the increasingly dynamic nature of the economic environment in which industrial firms operate. At the same time, regulatory initiatives are also having an impact on markets, marketplaces and their stakeholders. Meanwhile the growth in digitalisation is triggering the creation of solutions for these challenges – both new and old – while generating new data-driven business models.


To achieve successful and sustainable business operations it is necessary to exploit opportunities promptly and prudently and make the right decisions at the right time. A volatile and ever-changing environment requires a circumspect approach to risk management. If decision-making processes are to be efficient, reliable information and sophisticated methodologies are required and both of these need to be embedded in appropriate IT systems. As a treasurer, financial controller, buyer, portfolio manager, financial or energy trader, this is how you can contribute to corporate success and provide genuine assistance to your CFO as well as your operational business.


We offer the support gathered from our wide-ranging experience – especially in portfolio and risk management in the sectors of corporate treasury, in buying and in trading – for all your positions within financial, energy and commodity markets. And this irrespective of whether you are a global player, a medium-sized industrial company or an energy trader.


Corporate financial management / Treasury 

IT systems supporting treasury and risk management processes

Energy and commodity markets

ETRM and CTRM systems

Supply chain risk management

Risk due diligence for financing


d-fine can help you to deal with the challenges inherent in each of these areas by providing state-of-the-art solutions based on its constant monitoring of the markets. The challenges include changing environments, specific sector requirements and current developments in IT.

References Industrial companies

Validation of risk management framework for energy trading at an international energy company
Project objectives

Analysis and assessment of:

  • existing methods for the measurement of market risks, address non-payment risks and the relevant processes;
  • the risk-bearing capability plan for market risks, address non-payment risks and operational risks;
  • the methods for performing stress tests for market risks, address non-payment risks, operational risks and liquidity risks;
  • and the fundamental IT systems and IT technical processes in relation to the “minimum requirements for risk management” (MaRisk)
Tasks assigned to d-fine
  • Stocktaking of relevant methods, processes and IT systems.
  • Gap analysis in relation to MaRisk.
  • Identification of required action.
  • Methodical development.