Reporting and data management

New legislation places great demands on your internal and statutory reporting systems in terms of organisation and processes. Those demands include the efficient implementation of new statutory reporting requirements and the effective calculation of risk weightings for credit risk reporting as required by Basel II/III. We can help you to develop complex algorithms and both transparent and intelligent systems for data and information processing. 


The availability and quality of price and master data have a crucial impact on all asset management processes. Efficient data management helps to reduce the time you spend updating and maintaining data and to cover the varied demands created by ambitious productivity targets and increasing regulation. 


We can help you to:

  • Establishment of an efficient infrastructure for all data in the investment process
  • Consolidation of data from different types of funds e.g. property  funds and security funds
  • Process, administer and distribute market and master data
  • Fulfil your expectations in terms of the quality of market and master data (from fund pricing through to risk calculation)