Processes and systems

As an asset manager, you need effective processes in order to execute your investment strategy as efficiently and profitably as possible. Your processes need to be designed in a way that minimises the volume of manual work, while allowing you to integrate new products quickly and complying with numerous regulatory requirements. It is particularly important to identify, measure and manage the risks associated with each process as part of your internal control system. 


Asset management processes also need effective software support systems. When it comes to selecting the right systems, your industry-specific and technical requirements will provide the foundation for a detailed cost/benefit risk assessment. 


Once you have taken the decision to introduce a new system, d-fine can support you through the entire process, from system design to testing and implementation.  We can help you to select, introduce or enhance your asset management systems, from centralised databases for your market and master data through to risk control systems and special tools e.g. for the valuation of exotic financial products. Our combination of industry and technical expertise and our hands-on experience of a wide range of asset management systems can help you to avoid the loss of efficiency frequently caused by the competing interests of individual divisions and your IT department.