Asset management

The impact of new, post-crisis regulatority requirements has been felt particularly by the asset management industry. Asset managers are not only affected by sets of rules with a direct impact such as AIFMD, UCITS (amended) and EMIR; they are also affected indirectly, through their customers, by new banking and insurance industry regulation.


Efficient processes, intelligent methods and the corresponding support systems have a key role to play, primarily through the further break-up of the value chain and the related trend towards greater specialisation, as well as sustained pressure on costs. 


Faced with these challenges, you can rely on d-fine's long-standing experience of the regulatory issues affecting the financial industry, our detailed knowledge of the investment process and our experience of system implementation.

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References asset manager

Solvency II - Reporting
Project objectives
  • Leading German investment company: design of reporting services for Solvency II including SCR calculation
  • Preliminary study for setting up reporting services for insurance clients in accordance with Solvency II
  • Specialist planning of requirements for investment companies in the reporting of key figures in accordance with Solvency II for their funds and direct investments; special analysis for property funds
  • Design a calculation of SCRs for the market and default risk under consideration of hedging, collaterals and guarantees
  • Solvency II dependence analysis – Investment process
  • Create an implementation recommendation including cost-benefit analysis
Tasks assigned to d-fine
  • Creation of a technical concept
  • Analysis of data availability and systems
  • Draft IT concept for potential implementation
  • Integration analysis in the existing system landscape
  • Workshop on asset management products optimised as per Solvency II
  • Cost estimation, support with benefit analysis and creation of implementation proposal
AIFMD reporting to authorities
Project objectives
  • Large German asset manager: functional and IT design for efficient AIFMD reporting to authorities
  • Analysis of requirements for AIFMD reporting to authorities
  • Functional design of the requirements for health insurance companies in terms of calculating exposure, leverage and risk performance indicators
  • Development of a model for determining liquidity profile
  • Data source analysis and design of expansion of source systems
  • Design of reporting processes
  • IT design interfaces, reporting system and data export
  • Creation of Excel tool for manual reporting
Tasks assigned to d-fine
  • Creation of functional and IT design
  • Analysis of data availability and systems
  • Design of requirements of the risk performance indicators
  • Analysis of the integration into the existing system landscape
  • Estimation of costs, support for the benefit analysis and creation of a proposal for implementation
  • Implementation support and test design
Optimisation of business processes
Project objectives
  • Record (interview technique) and document all business processes (a total of approx. 400 procedures) from portfolio management to fund accounting
  • Analyse performance, data and communications methods in the company and document these in the form of a performance catalogue and process map
  • Carry out a process risk analysis and establish an internal control system (ICS) for operational risks
  • Optimise processes in accordance with the requirements of MaRisk
Tasks assigned to d-fine
  • Project management and control
  • Development of a procedural model
  • Design of project methodology and interview techniques
  • Analysis of processes related to performance relationships, information and data flows and their presentation in the system landscape
  • Optimisation of processes and agreement with the relevant departments
  • Support for departments and IT service providers in adapting the processes
Strategic asset allocation / portfolios
Project objectives
  • Leading international investment company: asset allocation based on alternative risks
  • Plan and implement a new approach to strategic asset allocation for private client portfolios, taking into account customer-specific risk profiles
  • Use of a robust portfolio optimisation procedure with alternative risks for improved recording and control of existing downside risks
  • Develop an asset allocation tool including a graphical user interface for presenting the portfolio weights, key performance figures and asset class characteristics
Tasks assigned to d-fine
  • Development of a capital market model for modelling of tail risks in asset allocation (regime-switching models, copulas) and an efficient Monte Carlo simulation engine
  • Specification of optimisation based on downside risks for the reduction of drawdown risks within the framework of a life cycle approach and implementation using genetic algorithms
  • Integration of model components in an asset allocation tool, design of a user interface, knowledge transfer and staff training on using the tool