Our flat hierarchical structure comprises five levels:

Intern (m/f)

As an intern you will gain an initial insight into consulting work at d-fine. During your on-site project work, you will be supporting the d-fine team by independently working on solutions to smaller tasks and personal assignments. These offer you the best opportunity to appreciate consultancy work within 8-12 weeks.

Consultants (m/f)

The main task of a Consultant is the on-site project work at the client's office. This concerns working independently through a number of sub-tasks - from analysing problems and drawing up concepts through to the implementation of solutions. This requires communication with the d-fine colleagues and with the client on an operational level as well as intensive training on and off the job.

Senior Consultant (m/f)

The main task of a Senior Consultant lies in the specialist project work at the client, which also involves structuring complex issues - from analysing problems through to defining sub-tasks for the Consultants integrated in the project. Other tasks include on-site project management, supporting the compilation of bids for new projects and carrying out client presentations in a project context.

Manager (m/f) and Senior Manager (m/f)

Besides managing larger projects, coordinating projects and quality assurance, the main tasks of a Manager include identifying consulting needs and - depending on the Manager's main area of focus - acquiring new projects or developing personal expertise in a particular field. In addition, there are client presentations both in existing projects as well as in project acquisition. Moreover, as a Manager with increasing experience you are more and more involved in the management and continued development of d-fine itself.

Partner (m/w)

A Partner is principally concerned with general client support, company leadership and the strategic development to ensure that d-fine continues to be successful.