Working at d-fine

There are many attractions to working at d-fine, from changing teams and the prospect of national and international postings to the sheer diversity of our projects and clients. A selection of our clients and postings to date can be seen in our list of references.

What’s more, your role will continue to evolve throughout your career.
You begin as a Consultant working on demanding and detailed tasks, then as a Senior Consultant you have the chance to lead a project team as a recognised expert for complex issues and finally at the level of Manager and Partner you become increasing responsible for management and strategic matters for the firm as a whole.
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In a range of projects, you will manage a variety of challenges : From small projects, in which two or three consultants work closely with the client's own specialists to solve specific problems within a limited time frame, through to major projects where ten or more members of a project team might spend one or two years establishing complex infrastructures for clients whose operations span the globe.

Besides the broad range of business and technical issues that have to be tackled, our employees are expected to work with client contacts from a range of fields and cultures, as well as to help organise and manage large project teams. Whether you are helping an industrial company to set up a global treasury system, or advising a financial services provider on how best to adapt its rating procedure to meet regulatory requirements: Over time you will build up a unique wealth of experience. Indeed, the wide range of skills you will develop, covering technical issues, project management methods and business professionalism, would otherwise be very difficult to acquire in such a short space of time. 
Our recruiting events give you a opportunity to talk to potential colleagues and to gain further insights into the company. On top of this, feel free to call our HR department who will be glad to answer your questions.


New starter comments:

"I am really enjoying the project. I was allowed the time to adjust to the work and was given responsibility really quite early on." 

"The main reason I opted for d-fine was the mix of technical work and IT. So far the projects have had this balance, which has been great for me. The technical side of the work is very important. However, the fact that there is still a humane working environment despite the role as consultant also matters to me. I also think the opportunities for further development are exceptional.