As a prospective d-fine employee you can look forward to working with similarly talented and motivated colleagues. You will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge of financial mathematics through participation in courses at leading international universities and the chance to work with a wide range of clients from specialized hedge funds and industrial conglomerates to universal banks. More importantly, you will find that there is great scope for personal development and that you may assume real responsibility for work at an early stage in your career.

Some of our benefits are:

  • Highly competitive London City salary
  • Bonus which depends on the company’s and your own personal performance (as of a specified position-level)
  • Further education offered such as an MSc Mathematical Finance at Oxford University or professional qualifications such as CFA (see also “Training & Development“)
  • Extensive annual leave starting with 25 days increasing up to 30 days
  • Matched contributions to company’s pension scheme up to 9%
  • Private medical care
  • Accident insurance
  • All travel reimbursed both to client sites and d-fine offices
  • Mentoring

…. and many more




Employee comments:

"I think my mentor would support me if I encountered serious problems with colleagues or project management. Even though I don't believe that this will be an issue, the simple fact that d-fine offers such a programme is something I consider to be extremely positive. Things like this show the importance the company attaches to the well-being of its employees.