Your start at d-fine

Your start as a young professional

After completing d-fine's internal induction programme, as a newcomer to the company you will be deployed in real client projects as quickly as possible - for good reason. We know that with your strong analytical, mathematical and technical skills you will be ready to accept responsibility for project tasks from the first full day at work. There are no "apprentice years" at d-fine where you do all the preliminary work for experience staff. Delivering real value added for a project from day one is the challenging task.


Of course we are not expecting the impossible. Project planning, compiling process designs for specific issues or presenting the results to decision makers at the client requires professional experience. This is why young professionals are integrated in a team in which employees with various levels of experience complement each other. This is how you learn about our highly successful procedures and methods that you will not find in a book. And after just a few projects, you are no longer a "novice" and can take on more responsibility, such as in taking on more complex issues or heading sub-projects.


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Your start with professional experience

You have already gathered initial professional experience and are now interested in consulting? Then you should come and meet us. Depending on how relevant your previous experience has been for our line of business, you will join us at an appropriate level. Your induction and entry into projects will be will be adapted compared to career starts for graduates.


Read more to find out how your career pans out.

Options for students/interns                                          

As a Fair Company, we make it possible for university students with a bachelor's degree or a first diploma to gain an initial insight into consulting work at d-fine through an internship (2-3 months) or through taking part in one of our workshops.
However places on our Workshops and our placements are limited.  Please get in touch with us to discuss the options available. We will be happy to help you.

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