Do you want to find out more about how you can join us a d-fine? Here you will find the first set of information, the requirements you will need to fulfil and what qualifications you will need to work as a (Senior) Consultant or as an intern, and what information we need from you in your application.


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•    Requirements to work at d-fine

•    Your start as a young or experienced professional

•    Options for students/interns


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Applicant comments:

"The  interviews were well structured and there was a pleasant atmosphere. I particularly liked the openness with which differences were explored regarding everyday work at d-fine and previous work in academia."

"The interview process was very clearly structured and in each case the atmosphere was calm, relaxed, open, and with an underlying emphasis on mutual interest. It ended up as a genuine discussion with all three interviewers, and not just one sided questioning. I really appreciated the fact that the description of work at d-fine during the interview addressed not only the advantages, but also the essential points associated with life as a consultant, such as frequent change of location and constant travelling. Even potential future jobs were described in realistic terms."

"Of crucial importance for my decision was the very good impression I received of d-fine and some of its employees, both personally as well as professionally speaking. Important factors in my decision were the extensive further training available, opportunities for personal development, the concept of a flexible place of residence, the short application process and the high proportion of scientists at d-fine."