Dr Stefanie Ulsamer

Academic career

Dr. rer. nat., Masters in Mathematics, University of Regensburg

Career at d-fine

Senior Manager, Head of Front Arena Competence Center, assisted in establishing the Swiss office

What appealed to you particularly about d-fine?

The challenge of working in a team of highly intelligent, motivated and friendly colleagues, all from a more or less similar background to me - and all just a little bit “mad” ;-).

Why did you choose to change employers?

After almost 10 years in consultancy, I was looking for a day job that was a bit calmer as well as a more permanent base . At the same time my current employer offered me a “dream job”- and it was this that finally prompted the change.

Current employer and position

Zurich Cantonal Bank; I manage the “Business Development and Trading Systems” department.

Brief description of current position

We are responsible for business development within ZKB trading. This means, on the one hand, active monitoring of regulatory requirements and changes, so that we can align our business processes to these as closely as possible and, on the other hand, harnessing new technological opportunities in the best possible way for us. In this respect we are a bit like the “visionaries” before the actual implementation projects.