Dr Jochen Alberty

Academic career

I initially graduated in Mathematics from Philipps University in Marburg, and then later from Colorado State University where I gained a Master of Science. For my doctorate I attended Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel and graduated as Dr rer.nat.ab.

Career at d-fine

I started my professional career with Arthur Andersen in the Financial and Commodity Risk Consulting group. After six months I joined d-fine. I worked as a Consultant there for two years and as a Senior Consultant for three years, before becoming a manager - a position which I held for three and a half years. In my first two years at Arthur Andersen and at d-fine I participated in the "Oxford Programme" - further training for a Master of Science in Mathematical Finance as part of Oxford University's continuing education programme.

What appealed to you particularly about d-fine?

I really valued working with 'like minded' people and people 'similar' to me - a result of many colleagues with comparable educational backgrounds. Of more importance for me, however, was the very personal atmosphere and the open and honest working relationships. The fact that company management were constantly striving to be exceptional employers was one of the main reasons why I stayed so long, and why it was that I departed with a heavy heart.

Why did you choose to change employers?

In the early years I enjoyed "getting my hands dirty" most of all; working independently not just on creating solution ideas, but also on their implementation. After nine years in business consultancy, more recently as a manager, there had understandably been a shift in the emphasis of my work. I was able to lead projects and manage staff. This was certainly very interesting, but ultimately it wasn't what I wanted to continue with in the future. I had begun to envy young colleagues on my projects for the work that they were doing.

Current employer and brief description of current position

I moved to Eurohypo AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank AG, which has since been renamed Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AG. I work there as a Senior Financial Engineer. Our team of five people, once again made up of mathematicians and physicists, is responsible for valuing positions, particularly in the front office system. As well as the day-to-day valuation work - market data is always changing and market situations alter, casting doubt on existing models, which means we have to look for new solutions - there are always smaller and larger scale analyses and reporting tasks which need to be dealt with, in order to be able to consider the portfolio from a variety of different perspectives. There is no “standard” report for portfolio management , so each day I am able to “advise” colleagues from the portfolio management team afresh, just as I learned to do and enjoyed doing in the early years at d-fine.