Dr Christian Dembowski

Academic career

Degree in (experimental) Physics (Dipl. Phys.) at TU Darmstadt (Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Dr. rer. nat. at TU Darmstadt (Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Study and time abroad in:

Geneva, Switzerland (CERN summer student, one semester)

Boulder, Colorado (University of Colorado, Fulbright scholarship, 18 months)

Oxford, England (MSc in Mathematical Finance Programme, d-fine Programme)

Career at d-fine

Senior Consultant in the Market Risk BU (Dr. Andreas Werner), projects in London, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Essen

What appealed to you particularly about d-fine?

Challenging, complex and exciting work. Employees quickly receive the opportunity to take on tasks with responsibility. Genuine interest in broad and rigorous employee training and development. Employee focused support with organisational issues (travel, work equipment etc.) - always practical and not bureaucratic.

Why did you choose to change employers?

My family situation required me to travel less, and a unique opportunity arose to switch to the trading division / front office. The move was facilitated by the d-fine alumni network.

Current employer and position

DZ BANK AG, Team Leader Front Office Liquidity Risk Modeling

Brief description of current position

Team leader and person in charge of processes and challenges of model-based liquidity management in the Corporate Treasury of the DZ BANK Group. The group’s responsibilities include the analysis of liquidity risk key data and the attribution of changes of this key indicators resulting, for example, from business activities, market movements or directly from modeling. In particular, liquidity management and the transformation of output data of the internal liquidity model into feasible parameters and control impulses or the derivation of consistent prices for trading liquidity are considered.