Our team

d-fine's integrated approach to consulting ranges from strategy and industry-specific concept design through to IT-side implementation. Given the scope of our activities, we have to attract the right people. Whether junior consultants or partners, every member of our team has a strong mathematical background with outstanding analytical skills and the required technical expertise. It is therefore not surprising that 50 % of our more than 600 consultants have a degree in physics, 35 % in mathematics and 15 % in economics or IT. What's more, over two-thirds have obtained a doctorate, so even our junior consultants have the necessary experience of resolving complex problems. 


We place great importance on offering permanent contracts to all of our employees. Alternative sourcing models and temporary contracts are not compatible with our extensive training programme , which ensures that all members of the d-fine team remain on top of the latest developments. The way we see it, the knowledge of our consultants is our capital.


We have set up dedicated teams to deal with every aspect of the issues that affect you in areas such as financial engineering, actuarial systems, market/credit risk management, accounting and energy/commodity risk management. Thanks to our focus on specialist knowledge and our industry-wide perspective, we are well qualified to discuss the challenges you face on an equal footing and to help you find the right solutions.