Cyber Resilience - effectively protecting your most critical systems

Cyber security- a top priority for IT managers

Due to increased networking and the widespread usage of IT systems, over the past 20 years IT security has become a top priority for IT managers. However, our experience shows that companies frequently only focus on core IT infrastructure such as access to corporate networks and vulnerable applications, for example web browsers – which indeed are a common point of attack due to their widespread installation.

At first glance, it seems that this focus on basic infrastructure and systems is sensible, due to the prevalence of systems and potential vulnerabilities. Widespread components and systems are also well documented and experts in these areas are readily available.

Specialist applications are most at risk

However, for banks, asset managers and insurance companies, specialist applications bear the highest risk. There are many examples of this:

  • Intruders may steal large sums from payment systems.
  • The disruption of trading systems, for example by preventing access to stock markets and market data, can cause immense hedging losses for a trading division.
  • Information on the position of institutional customers can be more valuable than information about individuals.
  • Malicious attacks on risk and finance systems can cast lasting doubt on the management of the risk process and damage the reputation of a company

These types of attacks are not new: Payment systems have been a target for attacks for more than a decade and there are many documented cases where traders and portfolio managers have targeted weaknesses in systems and interfaces to hide losses. In addition to this internal threat – which is often still underestimated today – there are also external threats which have increased in both intensity and quality.

To detect and prevent these sorts of vulnerabilities, IT experts and specialists need to work together seamlessly.

Proactively protecting specialist applications

For many years we have helped our customers secure their specialist applications and we can also help you test and design your specialised systems securely.

Based on standardised and proven process models, we can offer you the following services to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your systems:

  • Review of the system landscape, for example capital investment, and identification of particularly critical systems and interfaces
  • Verifying access rights for centralised systems, such as systems for entering derivative transactions or order management
  • Security reviews of critical data management systems and infrastructure
  • Analysis of system-related processes to identify organisational vulnerabilities
  • Joint development of solutions and security strategies for the long-term security of your systems.

Our services go far beyond ticking off boxes on check lists. Our experts work directly with your systems to identify vulnerabilities. We have specialists in specific technologies and systems, including web applications, Murex, Front Arena, Linux or MS SQL, who can examine these systems based on a profound understanding of the underlying business.


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