Our services

Take advantage of the skills and extensive experience of one of the leading risk management consulting firms in Europe specialised in strategic quantitative and technical questions.

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and industrial corporations. We advise them on the development of their risk strategies and organisation, the introduction of modern risk quantification methods, risk management processes, and hands-on implementation of trading, risk and finance systems.

  • From first ideas to industry-strength solutions
  • From mathematical models to real-time interfaces and MiFID compliance
  • From plain vanilla bonds to exotic commodity derivatives
  • From tariffs in liability insurance to implementation of Solvency II
  • From internal rating systems to portfolio management and capital allocation
  • From finance strategy and risk appetite to detailed accounting and posting logic
  • From business idea to operational and organisational structure

We combine top economical and strategic analysis with our highest scientific and technological expertise for the methodological, systems and compliance challenges of the modern business environment. 





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