Welcome to d-fine Austria

d-fine has been forging strong and successful links with banks, insurance companies, asset managers and industrial companies for over ten years. We help them to develop risk strategies and structures; introduce the latest methods to quantify and control risk and income; set up trading, risk management and risk control systems, and comply fully with new regulations.


We have been supporting numerous clients in Austria for over five years, having gained their confidence through our expertise as of one of the leading risk management and financial consulting firms in Europe with a strategic, quantitative and technical focus. 


In summer 2012, we opened a new office in Vienna with a view to offering a more comprehensive service to our Austrian clients and enhancing our appeal as a potential employer to highly talented local consultants. 


With additional support from the network of specialists based at our other European offices, our Vienna branch can offer you the same outstanding quality and range of consulting services for your projects in Austria - right from the start.



Your contact in Vienna

Jens Itzenhäuser

Head of d-fine Austria


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