Mobility-as-a-Service platforms integrate mobility service providers and form an ecosystem for innovative solutions

Mobility-as-a-Service platforms integrate innovative mobility concepts, such as bike sharing, car sharing and ride pooling into the range of services offered by the public transport system. On the one hand, MaaS solutions allow for on-demand mobility and an improved customer experience along the entire mobility chain, from travel planning to booking and smooth payment processes. On the other hand, they create the basis for cities without traffic jams that are deemed to be more ‘liveable’.

Technically this means an integration of scheduling and information data from ITCS and localisation data from fleet vehicles, as well as the establishment of coordinated payment processes across a range of service providers. Of relevance in this regard is the principle of roaming, allowing public transport bookings within the range of the local service provider, as well as single-sign-on functionality to reach service providers via a single application.

Dynamic pricing strategies based on integrated ticketing need to be established in order to break up the existing granular tariff zones in the public transport network and to enable pay-as-you-go systems.

Additional information about the design of the technical system architecture, APIs and dynamic pricing is available by e-mail from mobility(at), keyword “MaaS platform”.