Innovation Lab – Image Recognition

Industry is working at full speed on developing the intelligent factory of tomorrow. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, both "on the edge" and "in the cloud", play a substantial role in consumption and value stream control, production modelling, supply chain management, machine maintenance and quality assurance. Image recognition is particularly used in the latter areas. In many cases, both the inline quality control for sorting out faulty intermediate products and the final inspection of finished products cannot be carried out without visual systems. Both marketing and customer journey applications benefit from the integration of image recognition applications – for example in identifying products in customer images and in implementing visual recommender systems based on these.

We support our clients in identifying suitable applications for AI solutions and in the design of appropriate systems. When capturing data and assessing data quality, we work closely with the respective business departments, suggesting suitable approaches for solving a specific technical problem and assuming responsibility for the conceptual planning and training of algorithms. In doing so, we use proven technologies from classic machine learning as well as the most modern tools based on deep learning.