Innovation Lab – Energy industry

The energy industry is undergoing profound changes. Technological progress and political/regulatory intervention such as unbundling and the expansion of renewable energies to generate electricity are changing markets and are enabling new business models. The future strategy of every market player stands and falls on the question of what our energy system will look like in the long term. Trends such as decentralisation, sector coupling and decarbonisation point the way, but per se allow only qualitative conclusions to be drawn. The strategic orientation of a company, however, requires quantitative statements, for example on the future energy and technology mix of the transport sector. This is precisely where our methodology comes in, identifying the most important drivers for the transformation of the energy system and calculating potential development paths on the basis of representative scenarios. We use the results of relevant publications, for example with regard to the amount of electricity and heat required or the volume of traffic, as the basis for our data. With the help of a simulation tool we have developed, fundamental assumptions that are transparent for energy companies, while the consequences of these assumptions for the energy system of the future can be quantitatively evaluated and visualised