Cooperation with Asset Control

Asset Control and d-fine announce new initiatives to deliver enhanced market data management and analytics for business users.

Asset Control, the market leader in financial data management,  and d-fine have launched initiatives to integrate d-fine’s quantitative analytics (quant) capabilities with Asset Control’s new market data warehouse. The initiatives will enable business users to derive greater insight and value from their market data, while also achieving operational efficiencies from enhanced data management and mastering processes.

Neil Sandle, Head of Product Management, Asset Control, said: “d-fine’s expertise in financial analytics and business expertise complements Asset Control’s financial data management and analytic capabilities. These include our Ops360 end-to-end mastering platform, data lineage to enable traceability of market data and ACX, our market data warehouse solution, to provide analytics and derived pricing capabilities.

Dr Hans Peter Wächter, Partner, d-fine GmbH, said: “We are delighted to have found in Asset Control a partner whose visionary approach to financial market data parallels our own. Moving forwards, we will continue to continuously invest in our staff members and in-house infrastructure to provide optimal solutions for our clients – from adding bespoke services to implementing, migrating and upgrading Asset Control’s solutions.”

Find out more about the cooperation in our latest press release.