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Blockchain and digital assets in 2019


d-fine supports blockchain-related projects for large and small clients since several years. Working in agile and joint teams, d-fine helps their clients to translate their idea into a product. Our past project experience ranges from enterprise blockchain platforms, digital asset market infrastructures to token offerings.


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) promises to make business processes decentralized, automated, transparent and traceable, and thus more secure, faster and cost-efficient.

Even though DLT in its infancy, we firmly believe that this technology has the potential to significantly change roles, processes and value creation in industries ranging from finance & insurance, pharma & healthcare, mobility & transport, to energy & manufacturing. 

Many players in the industry that recognized this potential entered the enterprise blockchain world with projects focusing on proofs-of-concept for specific use cases. With several announcements in 2018 and the beginning of 2019, we now observe a clear shift towards projects that deliver production-ready solutions. Concerning digital assets, we see established players enter the space to offer new kind of services. With the approval of Bitbonds tokenized debt security by the BaFin, we have proof that compliant security token offerings can be conducted in Germany.

We believe that if the different technological components of a Distributed Ledger solution are combined in a manner that is best suited to the respective business case, then this technology can make a significant difference to how many processes and infrastructures deliver value today. With our distributed ledger services, we can help you tackle the respective challenges. 

Our services are based on experience from hundreds of projects in industries such as banking & capital markets, insurance & asset management, energy & manufacturing, pharma & healthcare as well as mobility & transport. d-fine combines a hands-on approach with state-of-the-art technological know-how and profound domain knowledge.

We have structured our service offering along the following three pillars:

Enterprise Blockchains


Digital Asset Service

For further information please refer to our Blockchain Solutions flyer.