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Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Increasing vehicle automation requires real-time analysis of large amounts of sensor data for reliable vehicle operation

The automation of vehicles, starting with assisted driving, but also including autonomous driving, requires the development of innovative algorithms and efficient data management, both within the vehicle and in the associated back-end system. In the future, algorithms will be able to evaluate large volumes of sensor data simultaneously and in real-time in order to make driving-related decisions.

d-fine supports its clients in this innovative environment by offering specialised technological skills, particularly in the development of image recognition based on sensors (e.g. video, radar, ultrasound and lidar), thus providing high-resolution maps consisting of topological and traffic data, as well as the real-time connection with C2X communication. From a technological point of view, this requires deep-learning algorithms (e.g. CNNs) for object detection, the development of big data architectures for scalable data management and the use of adapted validation methods for algorithms in selected test and simulation scenarios.

Sample projects/references

Development of a traffic simulation environment, including an analysis tool for innovative mobility concepts
Concept for real-time calculation and visualisation of an OD matrix
Corporate restructuring of an automotive company in its central treasury
Strategic realignment of the credit risk management for an airline
Analysis, selection and integration of a transport management system



Intelligent technology scouting for the rail transport sector

Based on Natural Language Processing combined with human expertise, a powerful technology scouting system can be developed.

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Urban Air Mobility: Optimised infrastructure and fleet sizes for the third dimension

A data-driven approach to determine optimal skyport locations and fleet sizes for urban air mobility services.

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Specific utilisation of sector coupling via vehicle-to-grid

Vehicle-to-grid infrastructure is a win-win scenario as it enables the stabilisation of energy grids and support of electric mobility through the…

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The Transformation to a Digital Mobility Ecosystem

Leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), vehicles and infrastructure converge into an ecosystem where machines not…

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Port Platforms

Collaborative data platforms unlock new potential in maritime logistics

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